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2019 Spring Selection of Handcrafted Jewelry for the New Year 

Genuine Teal cultivated Pearls with 14K gold beads, crystals and gorgeous gold ear hooks

Ocean Mini Sculptures Pendant and earrings to match, seaglass , silver, pearls,Handmade

Gray Ice - Grace Collection - Gray and Charcoal Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings

Vintage Amethyst Gold Ring

Vintage Genuine Coral crosscut beads, restrung w/14kgold beads, mother of pearl flower and matching earrings

Blue and Green and Gold Necklace and Earrings, handcrafted

Genuine Gold pearls, 8 strands with shell earrings

Green Jade Bead Bracelet,silver nautilus charm

Black Onyx Bead Stretch Bracelet,with star

Faceted Carnelian,Gold wire and Neckchain

Pearl, Jade Coin,Carnelian, Gold Necklace

Cork Necklaces - Handcrafted,all 1 of a Kind!

Chalcedony and Ebony bead Set

Cranberry Glass Pearl 3 piece set

Genuine Pearl and Turquoise, Silver Earrings

Rose Quartz Pendant

Faceted Peridot and Gold Earrings

Serpentine beads

Seaglass Pendants

Lamp work focal bead necklace

Colorful Sea glass Bracelets -magnet closure

Sea-glass shell Necklace and Earring Set

Green Sea-glass and Jade bead bracelet

Antique Asian Carved Carnelian "Coins"

Blue Moon Collection - Navy blue gold wrapped glass with mocha pearls

Sea-glass Lantern Pendant

Seaglass Earrings

Lamp-work Asian Inspired Bead Pendant

Sultry Sahara earrings

Renaissance Earrings

Dramatic Red and Jet earrings

Turquoise and silver shell Earrings

Red Jasper Earrings

Antiqued Gold and Coral Earrings

Citrus Earrings

Sea-glass Beaded Necklace with glass heart

Ammonite Necklace

Green Olives - Chalcedony, 14Kgold beads

Green Milkglass w/14k gold beads

Red Crystal River Necklace

Summer Bubbles Earrings

Turquoise Stacks

Turquoise and Gold flowers Necklace

Turquoise Lanterns - Vintage Genuine beads

Pendants made individually, most are one of a kind

Starfish Earrings Necklace SET

Green Seaglass Stacks

Seaglass before creating

White Marbles

Pebble Beach Seaglass collection

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