About - Crystal Blue Jewelry Company 

It started in my mother's jewelry box, and it ends in yours.

I remember at an early age, if I was ever home under the weather, my mom knew I would sit in bed, and organize her jewelry box quietly, and contented. I remember this so clearly as a special time polishing and trying on baubles  full of color, pretty sparkly things, and wondered if I ever could wear them. Plus it was an honor to hold and straighten such lovely treasures of hers.
Fast forward to this year, when I had a foot surgery which required me to be off my feet for months. So I decided to open my jewelry armoire and tackle the task of repairing my jewelry pieces in there. Freshen them up a bit. I got a few tools, and began beading, enhancing and designing new earrings. I was fortunate to go to a series of beading and jewelry making classes at our local art league, with a wonderful instructor.
To my surprise, my ideas came forward to not only make new pieces, but to re purpose my older vintage pieces, and make them new again. I took off in search of quality vintage beads and findings, tried unusual combinations, and designed with some new beads and precious metal parts added. Keeping them special and affordable.
I appreciate a jewelry piece that looks pretty, lasts and wears nicely, is comfortable, and glides over our clothes. I also love one of a kind jewelry,... we should honor our uniqueness always.
So now I am happiest when I sit quietly, surrounded by beads and baubles,and create these treasures to wear, and share with you. You see, I'm still playing in a jewelry box, its just a lot bigger now.

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